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CPD Courses

We believe that all schools should benefit from high quality, cost effective, targeted CPD which directly addresses the collective and individual needs and is aimed at all levels in the organisation.


Our strategy is based on mutual support and the impact can be seen in learning walks, lesson observations and in the reflective process.


CPD Programme



OLP Affiliate Hub:


As an OLP hub partner, we are pleased to offer a range of professional development programmes including:

➢ National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)

➢ National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership (NPQSL)

➢ National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

➢ Diploma in School Business Management (DSBM) Level 4 and 5


Bespoke training programmes:


➢ Subject Network Programmes - English and Mathematics

➢ Inspiring Leadership Programme

➢ SLE Development Programme

➢ Mathematics Support Programme (Key Stage 2/3)

➢ Emerging Leaders

➢ Triple P Positive Parenting

➢ ITP, OTP, OTAP (OLEVI licensed provider)


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